MYAMOTO is a fitness apparel brand for women based in Germany, With the help of our fashion experts we manage to bring you exclusive and exciting fitness outfits and accessories that fits your shape and style and makes you feel the confidence, directly from the manufacturer to your doorstep.


Created by Emma Mayer and her life partner Leon Becker, and named after their only daughter "Mya" who came to life after 11 years waiting since her parents marriage date. We can tell that one of the reasons that helped them to finally meet their first child is "sport activities", in fact Emma weight reached 215 pounds, before the doctors advised her to lose a lot of weight if she really want to have her first baby, and because of that she started a long and hard journey with diet and training exercises, it took her one hard year to reach her target weight. although she really weren't so sure that losing weight is the solution, how would she know?! besides, its not a cup of water and a pill to swallow and every thing will be ok! its a hard work and commitment, but she believed that every thing has a price and you must Sacrifice to reach your goal. One year later "Emma" had her first baby, although she couldn't be sure that losing weight was the reason, but it really doesn't matter. It started with what she thought it is a sacrifice but later she found out that it turned to be a life style, it changed her life up side down, from some one who feel ashamed if she took off her clothes on the beach or even when looking to her self in the mirror, to another free and proud one full of self-confidence. Later on the same year that she had her first child, Emma decided to stablish a new workout clothing brand, as a way to express her love and Gratitude to fitness life style, she believed she can inspire and encourage others, with attractive and sharp fitness style OOTDs and workout clothes designs to make them imagine, feel and desire the style they really wand to be. She chose her precious little daughter's name "Mya" to be the brand "Motto", and for the purpose of leaving a legacy to little Mya, to stay the course for what she started when she grows up, they started from their own garage, into one of the most reliable and fast growing brands in fitness & fashion. This growth comes from her LOVE and gratitude to fitness life style, to producing the most elegant and effective performance sportwear out there.


Since we started our brand we committed to provide you with the most elegant workout clothing designs that your body shape needs to look as sharp as you never. From the beginning of Covid-19 age we decided to focus and devote our efforts and unique ideas to the online presence and spread our brand abroad. 


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